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BS BNC защита от скачков напряжения

BS BNC защита от скачков напряжения

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BS BNC коннектор

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BS BNC защита от скачков напряжения

Main Features:

◎  Good discharge capacity, low protection voltage level

◎  Multiple protection, quick response, no interruption

◎  BNC connection, easy for installation


Protect coaxial cable transmission devices from interrupting caused by surge voltage, according to GB 18802.20-2004/IEC 61643-2:2000.Provide reliable protection for coaxial cable transmission devices or video signal transmission devices from surge 、operating overvoltage and electronic static discharging.


Technical data
Nominal voltage UN 5V-
Rated voltage(max. continuous voltage) Uc 8V-
Nominal dischargecurrent (8/20) In 2.5kA (line/shield)10 kA (shield/PG)
Max. discharge current(8/20) Imax 5 kA (line/lshield)20 kA (shield/PG)
Voltage protection levelat In Up ≤25V(line/shield)
Voltage protection levelat 1kV/ ms Up ≤13V(line/shield)≤600V(line/shield/PG)
Response time tA ≤1ns(line/shield)≤100ns(shield/PG)
Bandwidth fG 300MHz
Max. datatransmission rates Vs 16Mbit/s
Connection input/output BNC
Shield earthing indirectly via an integrated spark gap and an 1.5mm2×300mm outdoor line
Test standards GB 18802.21-2004;IEC 61643-21:2000
Dimension 25.5mm×25.5mm×95mm
Certification CE

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BS BNC — защита от скачков напряжения во время грозы