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SBC-02 electronic keys controller

SBC-02 electronic keys controller

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Stand-alone "DALLAS" electronic keys controller with socket for red and green  LED  diodes

Designed to control electromagnetic and electromechanical locks. Fiddling with Touch Memory 1990a keys


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Supply voltage 12V DC / AC
Switching current 3A
Number of keys 1012
Time to open the lock from 1 to 99 sec.
Light/Sound indication modes Buzzer and LED
Operating temperature -40 + 50
Dimensions (mm) 46h34h19.

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Programmable lock type: electromagnetic, electromechanical (latch)
Button to open the lock (poralelino can connect LED)
External buzzer and LED
Door sensor
Reverse polarity protection
Collection mode KEYS
Mode TRIGGER (One touch of the key-lock is open, the second touch of the key - the lock is closed)
Programming mode key key USER
Easy installation and connection
Programmable two master keys,
Clem for connecting LED Red and Green