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TM Stand alone electronic lock

TM Stand alone electronic lock

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TM Stand alone electronic lock

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TM sauna lock operation menu

1. Key type and setup

* Master key: Master key used to manage the key of lock only, it can not open lock. New master key can be setup at clearly lock only, to clear lock press the button on the bottom of lock body and keep press button up to hear 4 “beep” / 4 led flick of panel. touch the valid master key on probe of panel, then to hear “beep” and led flick continue, now can setup other key needed one by one. Touch valid master key to hear two “beep” will clear all waiter key and the lock operated by customer key only—the lock will work at “one key” mode. The lock will work at “double key” mode when waiter key setup at lock. At double key mode: the lock need valid waiter key and customer key touch probe at same time to work normal. Invalid key touch on the lock will flick and beep two times.

* Manager key: open lock at any mode itself only.

* Tour key: same as manager key, but need to touch two times to open lock. The tour key must be setup first.

* Waiter key: it can open empty lock (no any key inside), but work to combinate with customer key at valid lock (key inside), and do not work itself..

* Clear key: to clear all key in lock. It must to work with mater key, water key at “double key” mode or customer key at “one key” mode. Like button (at back of lock body) function.

* Customer key: it work itself at “one key” mode, or work with waiter key at “double key” mode.

2. character parameters

* open mode: “one key” mode — only customer key work. “double key” mode – need waiter key and customer key to work. Turn from “one key” to “double key” mode if water key setup, return if delete all waiter key by master key.

* Empty lock: press button at back lock body up to four “beep”, or touch clear key and valid master/waiter/customer key. Empty lock can be opened by water key and manager key.

* Lock mode: auto lock, alarm when picked.

* Message indicates: Led and Beep.

* Low voltage alarm: 3.3V

* Emergency power: battery box.

* Work voltage: DC4.5V(3cell AA 1.5V battery)。

* Stand by Power consumption: <1uA

* Work Power consumption: 100MA-PP

* Work environment: -40deg to +85deg, humidity≤98%

* ESD: ±15KV

* resistance of failure on probe: ≥AC 250V

3. packing: white carton box , two EA inside.

4. OEM: according the requirement of customer’s.

5. Default setup

One customer key setup into sauna locks already, and has one valid master key


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TM Stand alone electronic lock