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CDTV – 2502 COLOR Digital Video Door Phone

CDTV – 2502 COLOR Digital Video Door Phone
  • CDTV - 2502 COLOR skaitmeninė vaizdo telefonspynė

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Digital doorphone with built-in color video camera.

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Digital doorphone with built-in color video camera (1 / 3”Sony CCD Color, 420TVL, 1.0 Lux, 3.7mm lens Phin-hole). Vandal proof housing, sensor keys, key lighting, an integrated electronic key reader. Package consists of: a keyboard, control panel and power supply.


Modern, digital doorphone designed mainly for individual staircases in apartment houses. In this doorphone a number of unique functions was incorporated, which ensures comfort for users as well as stable and trouble free operation. Digital doorphone CD-2502 realizes all functions of a traditional doorphone – call of a selected uniphone from a talking cassette, talking and control of electro-catch blocking the entrance. Here the similarities end because the digital doorphone has many functions which are not available in analogue doorphones. Limited number of wires. Contrary to analogue doorphones, in which the number of wires in a system increases in proportion to the amount of installed uniphones, in a digital system the number of wires is constant – all uniphones are connected in parallel to a double wire bus. This makes the system installation and maintenance easier.
No possibility to eavesdrop somebody else’s conversation. Digital system co-operates with uniphones equipped with decoders for programming the number for the apartment in which they are installed. After selecting the number from a keyboard the centre connects the conversation with one uniphone only in which the programmed number corresponds to the number selected from a keyboard. So there is always one uniphone call only. Programming the same number for more than one uniphones is not recommended because it can cause operation disturbances.
Modern optical keyboard. The most visible difference is a keyboard replacing rows of call pushbuttons in a traditional doorphone. Keyboard has no mechanical contacts which were replaced by a unique system of identification of the selected number with an infra red beam matrix. Placing a finger on a keyboard results in screening of two beams which intersect in the middle of a field marked with a digit, which in turn is interpreted by a decoder system as a digit selection from the keyboard.
Combination lock. The keyboard functions also as a combination lock. Owing to this apartment occupants can enter the building without a key. Each apartment number has a preliminary code of a combination lock which is transmitted to the occupant by an installing company. This code can be changed by an occupant or installing company.
Key with DALLAS chip. Talking cassettes for CD-2502 system may be equipped with an optional electronic key scanner DALLAS (now Ibutton). Such keys have a chip with unique number which is permanently programmed and cannot be changed or copied. This is superior to combination lock code to which unauthorized persons can have access relatively easily. The lock is opened at the moment of putting the key to a scanner located close to the keyboard – the condition being prior key programming in the scanner. This is a very convenient function for property administrators, postmen and other services ensuring proper operation of all installations in a large number of buildings. Owing to DALLAS keys they do not have to carry bunch of mechanic keys – one chip programmed in a few, several or dozens of buildings allows them to enter the property and do their work. Such keys can be used by the occupants not only for opening the door but also for other system of access control like alarm systems in apartment, car etc.
Vandal resistant construction. The talking cassette is made of thick, zinc-coated sheet ensuring high mechanical resistance and painted with powder paint, which protects it against detrimental effect of weather conditions. Casings for mounting on the plaster are available in one, two or three module versions in vertical or horizontal arrangement.
Possibility of connecting a large amount of subscribers. In basic version the system operates for entrance with 254 uniphones. This is most typical use – entrances to staircases in apartment houses, tenement houses or the property area.
Main entrance application. In the case when there are two entrances to property area or to a staircase or there is one common entrance to property area (e.g. at the gate) and to individual staircases or buildings there are subordinate entrances, a multi-entrance system should be used. Two special kinds of electronic cassettes are used – EC-2200/H and EC-2200/U. The first is used for the main entrance and the second for subordinate entrances. Uniphones cannot be connected to cassette EC-2200/H, only subordinate cassettes can be connected to it. Cassette EC-2200/U realizes exactly the same functions as EC-2200.
Program configuration of doorphone operation parameters. CD-2502 has many functions useful for a fitter. The centre signals alarms: keyboard damage or short-circuit of uniphone line. Installing procedure makes it possible to check and start the system by one person. After having started the installing procedure the fitter comes to the apartment in which uniphone has been installed and presses the electro-catch pushbutton for a moment. The centre finds the uniphone in which this operation has been made and sets the connection. This makes it possible to check acoustic routes and the operation of an electro-catch and after hanging up the receiver the center will call back the uniphone to enable checking the calling function. Apart from that a number of parameters can be changed in an doorphone for example: call length, talking etc. Owing to this the operation of the doorphone can be easily adapted to the needs of its users.

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CDTV – 2502 COLOR Digital Video Door Phone