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CD2523R INOX Digital Doorphone

CD2523R INOX Digital Doorphone
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CD2523R INOX Digital Doorphone

Specially designed for use in areas with a particularly large number of people walking, such as stairwells and public buildings.

  • Adapted to difficult climatic conditions.
  • Vandal-proof stainless steel keyboard.
  • Touch buttons (IR field).
  • Possibility of connecting up to 254 subscribers.
  • Two-wire hands-free line.
  • Fault indication.
  • Displaying the dialed number Electronic key reader and backlight

Out of stock

CD2523R INOX Digital Doorphone


To the system CD-2502
Equipment RFID
Panel layout Vertical
Keyboard Optical
Keyboard backlight White light
Cooperation with the camera module Yes (KAM-3)
Control Call tone, length and volume (individual for each)
Recommended cables
  • Audio version: YTDY, YTKSY
  • Video version: UTP
Distances Cassette from the intercom panel: 30m (max.) – the minimum number of wires: up to 15m
Assembly Flush-mounted or surface-mounted (cover required!)
Tightness class  IP44
Material stainless steel (INOX) – vandal-proof housing
Ambient temperature -25ºC ~ 55ºC
Power DC 12V (from EC-2502x electronics)
Dimensions 160 x 266 x 36.5mm


To the system CD-2502
Input service Child, parent
Cooperation CP25xx intercom panelsLaskomex, Urmet, Elfon digital uniphones
Service Panels with Dallas key readers and RFID readers
Control Speaker amplification/Mic gain/Line balance
Numbering mode
  • Normal
  • With a range shift
  • Hotel
  • The building
Return to factory settings INT and RESET buttons
programming CP25xx external intercom panelISD-02 programmer
Recommended cables Audio version: YTDY, YTKSYVideo version: UTP
  • cassette from the intercom panel: 30m (max.) – the minimum number of wires: up to 15m
  • cassette from uniphones: 150m (max.)
Assembly Surface
Tightness class IP20
Material ABS plastic
Ambient temperature 5ºC ~ 40ºC
Emergency power supply possibility of connecting a 12V / 7Ah battery
Power AC 12V ~ 14V
Dimensions 189x94x35mm

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CD2523R INOX Digital Doorphone