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Frameless glass door lock IGLASS II

Frameless glass door lock IGLASS II
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Frameless glass door lock IGLASS II

IGLASS II is a revolutionary product of glass door locks. The new design has a 2.4-inch true color large screen, which is intuitive and simple to operate, free of wiring and punching. Support 3 standard opening methods, fingerprint, password, card. With the U disk function, you can export the EXCEL attendance report. This product can be widely used in office frameless double-open glass doors, single-open frameless glass doors and framed doors (optional different accessories)

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Frameless glass door lock IGLASS II


Fingerprint Sensor Subminiature optical fingerprint scanner
Screen 2.4-inch TFT Screen, intuitive and simple to operate
Fingerprint Capacity 2
RFID Capacity 1
Password Capacity 1
Record Capacity 100
Communication Micro USB, Support Self-Service report in excel forms
Standard Function ID card module & password, adjustable lock-tongue keep always to open
Voice Prompt Buzzer & Doorbell
Power Supply 4*AA alkaline battery, Micro USB, Emergency power unlocking
Glass Thickness 10~14mm thickness of the glass
Optional Gold, silver, remote control function, mobile APP function, double-open glass door delicated plug, single dor lock clip, frameless door special fixture
Alarm Low battery alarm and 10% low battery automatically don’t close the door
Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
Applications for Full frameless double-open glass dor for office occasions, single-open glass door framed door(optional different accessories
lock size(L*W*H) 70*45*168mm
Clip size(L*W*H) 45*45*168mm

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Frameless glass door lock IGLASS II

  1. HD non-membrane fingerprintcollector for quick identification.
  2. 360°high speed recognition.
  3. Smart chip with embeddedfingerprint module and 32-bit processor.
  4. 3 standard opening methods tomake using it more convenient.
  5. Easy to install without wiring,drilling , nailing and punching.
  6. 2.4 inch TFT screen intuitiveto operate.
  7. Adjustable lock tongue keepalways to open.