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Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100R VIDEO

Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100R VIDEO
  • DD-5000TL Telefonspynė

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Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100R VIDEO-  is the newest  high level of protection and a modern design doorphone system specially adapted for multi apartment houses. With lighting keyboard.

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Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100R VIDEO

Possibility to connect up to 255 users
• Duplex audio connection
• Two-Wire connection line
• TM Tags reader *
• RFID Tags reader *
• Internal memory of 895 Tags
• Individual door unlock code
• Possibility to turn-off door unlock codes
• Possibility to add two Service Tags *
• The doors could be opened: by entering the door unlock code, using TM or RFID Tags, by pressing door
unlock button, or during conversation with a guest by pressing unlock button on the handset
• Operating temperature -40 Co to +85 Co
• Small dimensions – 120x260x30 mm
• All system is supplied by a sole power supply 12V
• Low energy consumption. Duty mode with keyboard light – 12VDC, 85 mA + electric flow of electric lock
• Error indication
• Digital volume control of loudspeaker, microphone and the system sound separately
• Possibility to disable separate users or disable door unlock function
• Three types of addressing: regular, shifted and hotel
• A bright 4-digits LED display
• Keyboards with buttons, able to withstand more than a million pressings
• Possibility to install a video camera
• Options: inserted panel or mounted above the plaster
• Audible and visual indication
• Automatic lightening of a keyboard during a dark period
• Possibility to connect several systems to a network
• Protection of Service PIN (SPIN) code
• Protection from an electroshock
• Unlimited amount of Tags, related to one User’s ID
• Comfortable and easy system programming
• Possibility to program/change door lock codes by the User interface
• Possibility to program TM/RFID Tags by the User interface
* DD-5000T – door phone with TM Tag reader, DD-5000R – door phone with TM and RFID Tag readers
** Service Tags are used in order to simplify system servicing
In order to connect the video monitor to the telephony, a DD-SVD1 / 4 video switch is required.
Monitor phones are suitable for telephony:
** Service identifiers are used to simplify system maintenance
download-pdf png 120 ENGInstructions for installer:
download-pdf png 120 ENG
Instruction for the user:

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Multi-Apartment doorphone DD-5100R VIDEO