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DiTeL GSM - Apartment doorphone module

DiTeL GSM – Apartment doorphone module
  • Ditel-GSM Apartment

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DiTeL GSM - Apartment doorphone module

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DiTeL GSM – Apartment doorphone module

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  • The ability to speak with incoming person using a mobile phone
  • The possibility of a mobile phone to control the house entrance door lock
  • Course management using a GSM connection (redundant Internet connection)
  • Subscriber dialing from a database corresponding to the keyboard Phones collected number.
  • The two databases are limited to 255 phone number.
  • The ability to mount individual apartments or all door apartments (intercom DD-5100)
  • The ability to integrate various systems, door phones (DD-5100 or equivalent)
  • Convenient programming editing txt files in the microSD card, a simple text editor without any additional software or hardware

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 65 x 40 x 25 mm
  • Power supply: 11-14V DC
  • Power consumption up to 100 mA, the power source must be 3A
  • The ability to connect with the 12V battery
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Input 2 pcs.
  • Outputs OK 1pc. Managed SMS sending
  • Relay outputs 1pc. Managed SMS sending (max switching 1A 30V DC)
  • LED indicators
  • External antenna connector – SMA
  • Memory – microSD (up to 16GB)
  • Dialing numbers list – 2 base after 255 numbers
  • Mains voltage presence control (a reserve in case of external electric power supply)

Course management settings and phone in the database replacement takes place through the configuration << >> text files that are placed MicroSD card or SMS

  • The ability to configure a subscriber response waiting time
  • Talk Audio Configuration
  • The ability to change the configuration of the module by sending an SMS message
  • The ability to program the automatic sending of a message about a missing electrical power
  • Machine equipment: GSM module DITEL GSM – Apartment (without power supply and intercoms),
  • GSM antenna, a microSD memory card (4GB).

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DiTeL GSM – Apartment doorphone module

  • Intercom remote control (GSM remote control)
  • Possibility to control house entrance’s door lock with a mobile phone.
  • Ability to speak to a guest using your mobile phone.
  • Ability for each apartment to assign two mobile phone numbers.
  • Ability to send informational text message (SMS)  to all the phone numbers that are registered in the system.
  • Ability to install for one individual apartment or for all apartments in the building (intercom DD-5100)
  • Ability to temporarily block doorphone by using your mobile phone
  • Ability to integrate into various door phone systems (DD-5100 or similar)
  • Good choice for programming/editing txt files that are located in microSD card by using Ditel GSM, with simple text editor and without using any additional softwares ( up to 16GB memory card)
1. Convenient. Your phone is always with you when intercom system’s handset will be far away from you.
2. Practical. No need for any unnecessary wires, you can also avoid phone handset’s installation and possible wall repair costs.
3. Save money. Very easy to use and no need to buy intercom system’s handset.
4. Flexible. Easy to add or delete phone numbers from the device’s memory by editing txt document or SMS.
DiTeL GSM – Apartment doorphone module – it will make your simple intercom system into GSM mobile phone controlled entrance with a cell phone and its regular phone features.
This unit is connected to intercom system and take over the management of the electronic lock. After someone collects apartment’s number – GSM Apartment automatically directs the signal to your mobile phone. You will be able to talk with your guest and by simply pressing one button on your mobile phone, you will open the door for your guest.

DiTeL GSM – Apartment doorphone Module – programmed list of phone numbers from which by sending SMS, the door will be closed, so you will have the chance to control door lock by using your mobile phone’s SMS. When your device receives a SMS, it automatically checks the incoming guest’s phone number with all the phone numbers that are in the database. If the number is system, the GSM Apartment will automatically open the doors. You will be able to open the door for any unexpected guests even while being in another city.
How does it operate?
When you type apartament’s number on intercom system’s keyboard, Module automatically directs the signal to the 1st phone number that is listed in the system, if there is no response in specified period of time(busy or not responsible) – signal goes to the 2nd-programmed phone number. When module successfully sets up a connection to a mobile phone, guest can talk with a person that responds on his phone, and by pressing the # key on the mobile phone – responder can open the door lock.