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GSM controller RTU5024 (Gate Opener)

GSM controller RTU5024 (Gate Opener)
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GSM controller RTU5024 (Gate Opener) - GSM control module RTU5024 is a GSM electronic controller (GSM remote control) that controls devices in the GSM network remotely without using the Internet and data transmission.

GSM controller RTU5024 can be successfully used not only for control of a barrier, but also for other tasks when it is necessary to implement remote control or access control. The module will be useful when you need to automate mechanical opening and closing operations or set up access control.

This controller can be connected to various electrical (electronic) devices. With the RTU5024, you can safely, easily and free of charge control entry / exit gates (gate automatics), entrance doors or other devices without the Internet. Ideal solution for a house (summer house or cottage) with automatic gates.

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GSM controller RTU5024 (Gate Opener) is a device with a wide range of applications, ease of use and has the necessary functions.

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                                                                                                                                                                  Features and Benefits:

  • Remote control of the device using calls (calls are free, the device identifies the caller’s number and activates the “reject call” command)
  • No need for remote control (up to 200 registered users) and no internet – only phone
  • Simple programming and connection – no special knowledge required
  • Smartphone app completely simplifies setup and management
  • Maintenance-free after setup
  • Suitable for all types of gate automation, or for remote control of other electrical equipment
  • Especially low price

Technical data

GSM Frequency 2G

Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Frequency 3/4G


SMS control


Remote control distance

Unlimited, depends on GSM connection

Smartphone app

Yes, RTU5024 – GSM Gate Opener RTU5024

Number of subscribers

up to 200

Unauthorized numbers



2 LEDs

Digital Output

NC/NO dry contact, 3A/240VAC

DC Power supply


Power consumption

12V input Max. 50mA/Average 25mA/standby 15mA

SIM Card

Supporting 3V SIM Card (MiniSIM)


50Ω SMA Antenna interface

Temperature range

-20~+60 °C

Humidity range

Relative humidity 90%

Backup battery


Korpuso medžiaga


Exterior dimension


Net Weight

180 g


  • GSM controller RTU5024
  • GSM antenna
  • Connection adapter 2 pcs.
  • Instruction EN

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 17 x 9.5 x 4 cm

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GSM controller RTU5024 (Gate Opener)

GSM controller RTU5024 (Gate Opener) is designed for cost-effective and at the same time demanding users who upgrade garage door automation, sliding gate automation, barrier system or barriers used for private houses, cottages and other buildings and territories, implement access control solutions or improve home or office heating, lighting and other equipment. The controller provides the user with all the necessary functions for these tasks, simple setup at an extremely low cost.

The GSM control module RTU5024 is most often used:

  • Remote open/close swing/sliding gates, doors, shutters, garage doors,locks with a free call!
  • Residential: Door,gate,garage access control, electronic fan,microwave,air-conditioner control.
  • Industry: Remote switch equipment, for example: street lights, solar power, motor, inverter, PLC, pumps, fans, etc.
  • Agriculture: Remote control pumps, etc.
  • Business: Remote control electronic boxes,bright billboards,LED signs,etc.

The main advantages of using a Gate Opener for a barrier:

  1. The purchase cost of the module is much lower than the purchase and programming of key fobs for each apartment (some families will need 2 key fobs), and its maintenance will be inexpensive per year (when purchasing and recharging a SIM card).
  2. Simplicity (free call and mobile application). To open and close the barrier, you need to dial the phone number set in the GSM RTU5024 module, your call will be automatically identified and rejected, and the barrier or gate will be opened. You can also install the program (GSM Gate Opener RTU5024) and control the barrier through it.
  3. Availability. Unlike the remote control (range from 50 meters / on average 150 meters), the GSM module has no restrictions on the working distance from the barrier. With the RTU5024 module, the barrier can be opened from anywhere in the world where there is a GSM network. If guests come to you or you ordered goods with delivery, just call the module’s phone number or open the barrier using the program.

The RTU5024 module can be successfully used not only in the control of a barrier, but also for other tasks in which it is necessary to control access via a telephone and radio relay. The module will be useful when you need to automate the mechanical action of opening and closing, or to implement access control (ACS).

GSM modulis RTU5024 digitalas (5)

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