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ESIM010 automatic gate controller is used to open gates, lift road barriers or turn on the electronic device remotely over GSM network.

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GSM Gate Controller ESIM110 – Remote relay ESIM110 automatic gate controller (GSM switch) is used to open gates, lift road barriers or turn on the electronic device remotely over GSM network. Using this device You can also remotely turn on or off the security system, receive SMS messages or calls about choosen system activities (gsm auto dialler). Calling on the number of the SIM card inserted in ESIM010 the system checks if the number of the caller is recorded in the memory. If the number exists in the database, the system rejects the call and turns on the relay for the determined period. If the number of the caller is not recorded, the contacts of the relay are not connected. ESIM110 also supports GPRS connection – it allows You to configurate device not only by SMS messages or by computer via USB connection, but also using Internet (web) browser – You will need to connect via webpage using one-time login data (username and password) and You will be able to perform configurations.



• Built-in Quad-Band GSM/GPRS communicator

• The system can be controlled by up to 500 users and 5 administrators

• Notification via SMS text about a fault in gate or other automatic device

• Din-Rail plastic enclosure

• Optional IP65 enclosure

• 3 ways of configuration: SMS, USB or Internet

• Event Log access by Internet


GSM module frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Supply voltage: 10-24V AC/DC

Inputs: 3 Relay

Output: 1 (2 relays output optional)

Output type: NO (relay) C1 output maximum commutating values: 1A/24V DC; 0,5A/125V AC Dimensions: 70x85x57mm

Operating temperature range: -20…+55°C (-30…+55°C with limitations)

Number of administrators: 5 Number of users: 500 (up to 2000 optional)

Event Buffer: 1000

Download  User Manual (.pdf)

Download  User Manual (.pdf)

Download  Configuration Tool

Download  ESIM120 GPRS Manual

Download  ESIM120 User Manual (.pdf)

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