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DiTeL GSM - Gate Control Module

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DiTeL GSM – Gate Control Module
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DiTeL GSM - Gate Control Module - is an electronic GSM controller (GSM remote control, GSM module) that can be controlled from any kind of mobile phone and from any part of the world. This controller can be connected to any electrical (electronic) devices. With DiTeL GSM - Gate, you will be able to manage entrance/exit gates, gate automation and / or entrance doors or other devices without the Internet in a safe, simple and free of charge way.

GSM Control Module DiTeL GSM - Gate - UAB DIGITALas product has a wide range of applications, easy and convenient to use and unique functional capabilities.

DiTeL GSM - Gate "Innovation of the Year 2015" nomination winner.

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DiTeL GSM – Gate Control Module

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Attention! This device has (fw.1705) software . If necessary, you can bring your device to our shop and we will updater software for you without charging any money

Key Features
Exit/Entrance Control via Calls and SMS (Calls are free of charge, device identifies the caller’s number and activates the command “Reject call”)
Module control via GSM (no internet connection required)
Up to 500 subscribers (DiTeL GSM – Gate E – up to 4000 subscribers)
You can set permissions for different categories of users (subscribers) – different control time for different controller (on/off during different time of the day and during different days of the week)
Automatic text message about missing power
Two channels. Ability to control 2 devices: 1st channel – with calls, 2nd channel – with text messages (SMS)
Convenient programming by editing txt files that are on microSD card by using a DiTeL GSM, without using any additional softwares or SMS

Technical specifications
Dimensions: 65 * 40 * 15 mm
Power supply: 11-14V DC
Power consumption up to 30mA (standby), up to 150mA (operating mode), the power supply must maintain short-term current leaks up to 3A
12V battery connection (back-up power)
GSM frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Input 2 pcs.
Exit OK 1pc. Controlled by SMS sending
Relay output 1pcs. Managed by phone calls (max switching 1A 30V DC)
LED indication
External antenna’s connector – SMA
Memory in use – microSD (up to 16GB)
500 user numbers (DiTeL GSM – Gate E – special version – up to 4000 subscribers)
Event’s database: Triggers (Date / Time / Number) and tests by using non-registered numbers to try and control this module/device (Base Size Depends on MicroSD Card Capacity)
Module/Device’s control takes place through out the configuration <<text>> files that are placed on the MicroSD card
Possibility to view module status by sending SMS message
One-way connection: Yes (DiTeL GSM only – Gate M)
Input trigger function: Yes (automatic SMS sending with working sensor)

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DiTeL GSM – GATE Control Module

  • Remote control (GSM remote control)
  • Entrance/Exit control by calls and SMS messages (calls are free, the device identifies the caller’s number and activates the command “no answer to the call”)
  • Up to 500 subscribers (special version up to 4000 subscribers)
  • Two channels. You can manage 2 devices: 1st channel – calls, Channel 2 – SMS
  • Unlimited events summary “LOG” is protected in 4GB MicroSD ™ memory (supports up to 16GB memory cards)
  • Convenient programming by editing txt files that are in the microSD card, by using DiTeL GSM module ( without using any additional software or SMS)
  • Ability to check status of the module by sending an SMS message


1. Safe. Nothing can so easily clone your phone number as standard remote controller can.
2. Flexible. Very easy to add or delete phone numbers from the device memory by editing txt document or sending text message (SMS).
3. Efficient. Free of charge control and no need to buy any additional remote controls for your family members or other users.
4. Convenient. Your phone will always with be with you, even if the remote control is away from you.

DiTeL GSM – GATE Control Module – it will make simple electronic gates into GSM mobile phone controlled gates! This device is connected parallel to the door opening button. GSM control module DITEL – GSM Gate has a list of phone numbers, and if there is a call incoming from one of those numbers, gates will be opened or closed, or any electrical device will switch on (off). When device receives a call, the incoming call number is compared to the database of all the phone numbers. If the number is on the list, the module rejects the call (in this way operation does not cost for you) and opens the gates and (or) turns on (off) other electrical devices.