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Non-contact body temperature meters (Pyrometers-Thermal imagers)

COVID-19 is not going anywhere, the risk of coronavirus is still high, but many establishments, where large crowds are inevitable, cannot stop working, and at any time it may happen that one visitor or employee can infect a large group of others. In this case, employees and visitors of the institution are isolated, and the institution may be temporarily closed, which paralyzes its activities. To ensure more stringent security requirements, modern systems are being introduced using contactless access control and body temperature measurement technologies.
To measure body temperature, devices such as thermometers, pyrometers and thermal imagers are used: for non-contact measurements – pyrometers – the principle of operation is based on measuring the power of the thermal radiation of an object mainly in the infrared and visible light ranges, and thermal imagers – record the temperature distribution on the studied surface, it appears on the display as a color picture, where different temperatures correspond to different colors.
Thermal imagers are divided into several types according to various criteria: observation, measuring, stationary, portable, as well as industrial, high-temperature,
Depending on the purpose, the types of thermal imagers are subdivided into: diagnostic; military; marine; medical; scientific; multisensory; construction; for automation systems. In modern access control systems, this distribution is rather arbitrary. Such devices are included in the control systems, since they show high efficiency in conducting round-the-clock monitoring of the movement of vehicles and people, regardless of visibility conditions and the level of illumination.