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LTD “DIGITALas» The biggest seller in Lithuania intercoms, electronic locks and access control systems. LTD “DIGITALas» performs sale, installation and maintenance in private many apartment buildings, commercial, industrial and office buildings. As our company has successfully mounts communicating system in the offices and other premises in which it is necessary to limit the pass. If necessary, connect the checkpoint system with audio / video intercom .. It is very convenient to the offices, which often have customers. The doors can be opened at the touch of a button.

Since 2000, our company installs digital and analog intercoms.

On July 4, 2003 LTD “DIGITALas» is the only official representative of the company “Laskomex» in Lithuania. Scope of work and technical capabilities are constantly growing.

2008 LTD “DIGITALas» has developed and started to produce stand-alone controllers WBC -1 (for proximity cards) and SCB-02 (electronic keys) are recognized as one of the best controllers in the Baltic States.

Since 2009 LTD “DIGITALas» manufactures and installed digital intercoms Series DD-5000 and various accessories to it (Wall-Mount visor DR-1, frame names NF-1 handset intercom). The series is constantly modernized and improved. Intercoms in this series are in demand not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States.

2013 series, the upgraded version of the series DD, DD-5100 intercom receives the award “Innovation of the Year 2013″ in the field of technological solutions.

In 2015 LTD”DIGITALas» released a new line of GSM module “DiTeL” comprising a DiTeL-GSM 4 Door, DiTeL-GSM Apartment, DiTeL-GSM Gate, DiTeL-GSM Secure DiTeL-GSM Relay. Line GSM remote control DiTeL GSM, the award-winning “Innovation of the Year 2015″ in the field of technological solutions.

Our company selects the best modern equipment, locks and other components, which are ideal for intense work every day, and the specific climate conditions, on this our intercoms are in great demand in the market. Company personnel who have experience in the construction of residential buildings, works quickly and efficiently.

LTD “DIGITALas» constantly performs tests of new equipment, searching for new and reliable technical solutions for innovation. The main priority of the company is considered to work with equipment: consulted about the installation of the new equipment and its operation, maintenance problems, that may be faced by our experts.

Our company has been actively working with housing associations and construction companies. New partners and new opportunities to greatly expand our range of activities in different areas of the city. LTD “DIGITALas» has already established about 2500 intercoms !. We are happy that many receive orders come from people who know about us by satisfied customers. Residents have noticed that after installing the intercom at the entrance the number of thefts was significant decrease.

LTD “DIGITALas» became popular and reliable company from the excellent performance and service culture, conditions and pricing discipline.

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